Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is Easter Sunday, so as I awoke this morning I was greeted with a delicious and not so nutritious lint easter bunny! which I managed to devour for breakfast and into lunch, as i spent the day lazing about watching romantic comedy's - not a wise decision! 

I've felt ill from the chocolate/ sugar overload all afternoon. yuck! Although it was yummy, it so wasn't worth how I felt after eating it. 

I went for a run around the block this afternoon to make myself feel better, I think i will stay away from the chocolate for a while..  I am feeling very unhealthy.. 

This is a note to myself that the rest of this easter break I am going to be healthy and keep my fitness routine in order! I will not allow myself to be unhealthy and lazy!

Just because I'm on holidays, it is no excuse to give up my diet and exercise.
 So I will carry on tomorrow eating well and feeling good!

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