Friday, 22 April 2011

Dream home

My dream home, would have a window overlooking the ocean in the bedroom, I have been in love with this concept ever since Istepped foot in North Stradbroke island's glorious shel house, it in itself is easily my dream home. its breathtaking views are amazing.
this house is my dream!

Other bedrooms with amazing views - so beautiful! This would be the most beautiful way to wake up everyday

 My dream home will also have a hammock around for relaxing moments reading my favourite books. 

an amazing deck with a view 

I love lofts! 

Pretty beach houses!

Simple room, fresh, white with simple colour additions. 

 Pretty outdoor areas - white and pink 

 Beachy/ hippy house - also pretty cool/ contrast to modern take. 

  Deep purple tones, gypsy hippy feel.

 Garden retreats!

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