Saturday, 3 March 2012

my own body mind and soul images.

pumpkin, spinach, tomato, capsicum, corn salad with cashew lemon garlic crusted fish - so yummy!
Homemade, Brown rice sushi. i added chicken and mayo to this after i took this half made photo (chicken, sushi mayo, brown rice carrot and avocado)
 Bushwalking around brisbane forest park near the city. such a nice way to start a day
 Freshly juiced carrot and apple juice, nutritious and delicious!
 walking through bushwalks in my suburb
 yoga timetable, I aim to go to yoga every 2 days
 macadamia crusted fish with spinach, pumpkin salad and wild rice salad.
 this is the cereal i've been eating for breakfast, its so yummy and really good for you, with a range of seeds and antioxidant rich berries its high in protein and Omega 3 and stuff. it tastes really yum and keeps me full for long :) i ussually add aciai berry powder and LSA powder and eat it with soy milk. I look forward to this breakfast every morning!
 rice crackers with avocado, carrot, spinach tuna and carrot- i eat this daily ussually just tuna and avocado though because its an easy healthy morning tea to take to college with me.
 felafel capsicum, tomato, avocado spinach, red onion and cucumber salad. very yummy!
 this is pretty much a variation of bruschetta on sourdough pumkin bread toasted. its got green capsicum, tomato, avocado, basil and red onion. and vinegar
 walking around my neighbourhood- i still cant believe im lucky enough to walk / and run by this whenever i want. and i still am in the suburbs!
 this is a mango, pinapple and strawberry juice from Burleigh Heads beach. soo yummy i get these every time i beach trip!
 my crazy shitzu/ cavalier dog going nuts off leash in the park..
 she reacts this way whenever i go near my running shoes, she knows these shoes mean shes going for a walk. (even though sometimes i just wanted to go for a run by myself!)
i spend all my days off at the beach. such a nice place to be!

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