Saturday, 4 February 2012

Things to enjoy, appreciate, motivate and inspire me

 I love this chicks tattoo^^

more cool tattoos, pink and icecream coolness!

  More cool tattoos, I love coloured sleeves! this is one of the top crossfit girls. she is ridiculously fit!
 An important thing to always remember

 so pretty! I want her dress and legs!

Candace probs has the hottest bod! she trains hard for it i'm sure!

Loving this bright skirt!

such pretty embroidery!

Cool tattoo!

 Awesome place to do yoga!
another really cool tattoo- mandella style

her tatoo is so coool i love the swirly tenticles

Victoria Secret ladies being hot. Ahh I want their perfect figures!

Do one thing that scares you daily!

A good reason to go for a run! 

Eat clean!

Ahh beach yoga looks oh so relaxing. Deffs where i'd rather be! 

Giselle showing off her perfectly crafted physique!

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